Open a locked file

i have been paying and using Shapr3D for a while and decided i cant justify paying the price and cancelled my membership, as i can get solid edge and fusion 360, onshape for free and have paid for Solidworks £48 a year.
Shapr is good but you should offer a “Hobbyist” option your current pricing is more expensive than Solid Works which includes 3Dex (CATIA V6), i am a professional designer using Siemens NX for Nuclear design.

And they do have synchronous technology and freeform modelling, same as shapr3D, with history and parametrics.

My problem is now i can access or download / export my designs as they are locked, i can only access 2 of my files, which would be ok if i could change which 2 files i can work on

again wonderful product, far too expensive especially in the current climate.

Even to be able to click on a locked part and change it to active ( 1 of 2) would be good



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I don’t know what you’re paying for Shapr3D, but the $300 a year I pay for it is way less than every piece of software you mentioned above, except Fusion which offers you a “free” level as long as you don’t want to work on more than ten files.

How can you say £300 a year is less than £48 a year for SOLIDWORKS, £0 for solid edge £0 for fusion 360 and £0 for onshape, I think you need a new calculator mate
And fusion 360 only allows you to have 10 files active but you can only work on 1 file at a time unless you can work on 10 files at the same time I would be very impressed, having using CAD since 1989 I find your argument ridiculous.

$0 for Onshape? Your calculator is broken it’s $1500 and requires an internet connection

Sorry if this comes across as rude, it’s not that.
I dislike Onshape. Specifically their advertisement strategy built on lies to corral the unsuspecting to there product and then rug pull them with a subscription 6 mounts down the line.

You have completely missed the whole point of the thread. Yes I could pay thousands of pounds for a full commercial licence for Solid Edge. Solid works, fusion. Onshape, but they all offer a free makers / hobbyist licence version which I use

In all the years I have been using onshape I have never paid a single penny it’s free. for public use, you can pay for a commercial! licence but I don’t, so stop saying it’s not free, it is.

As I said before I have been using CAD professionally since 1989, i have not found any restrictions on using the free version to design anything yet.

Fusion is free yes you can only have 10 files active, being a mere mortal I can only work on 1 file at a time, and I can switch on or off the ones I want to work.

I have paid £48 for a year of one of the industries biggest CAD systems and I believe the most widely used in the UK which I have used professionally and shap3D charges nearly that amount for 1 month, and can’t create assemblies, with mates and constraints that persist, yes you can align components but they don’t stay connected you can’t perform kinematics they have only recently added history/ ordered modelling, I am an ex application engineer for Solid Edge, help desk engineer and qualified instructor, I do know what I am talking about, I have been using CAD nearly 40 years and find your argument ridiculous.


Yes they are not full commercial licences and they have restrictions.

Again you did not read my thread properly, I was asking for a makers, hobbyist licence of Shapr3D.

And people should actually read what someone says instead of going off on a tangent