Perpetual Pricing Export Option “lite version”

I apologize if this has been asked before.

I do a lot of 3D modeling for apps, games and product viz. I mostly use Modo, Sketchup and Zbrush for my day to day modeling needs. However, when I’m on the go or just lounging around, I love having the option to use my iPad to sketch out some simple designs that I can later export into my desktop applications. Shapr3D has been perfect for that! You guys have really made an excellent app. That being said, the subscription based pricing has been a major roadblock… Now, from a business perspective I do understand how subscription is good for profits since it means a constant flow of income but I do hope you will at least consider my suggestion especially to attract people like me who operate small indie companies and who will only use Shapr3D for short burst when away from the desktop.

Please consider: making an in app purchase (maybe around $49-$99 one time fee) that would unlock export options such as .obj export for those of us planning to continue our designs in other desktop software. All other options and features would still require a Pro subscription (photo import, colors, the ability to have more than 2 designs, etc.). Perhaps some of these options (such as photo import) could be an additional in app purchase for those who need it.

This would make Shapr3D even more useful for the 3D modeling community and Indie community (especially since the options for 3D modeling applications on iOS are very limited). I hope you will consider this suggestion. For small businesses sometimes a large upfront cost is more budget friendly than reoccurring monthly cost.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Not a bad suggestion, STL out as well for 3D Printer people.

This would be a fantastic feature, although the “low resolution” STL export is a little too low resolution for hobbyiest 3d printering.

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Yes! The free “low resolution” option for STL export is a nice gesture but it would be awesome if the high resolution option could be a one time in app purchases for those who need it.

Hopefully the developers will consider this idea. I think it would be awesome to allow users to purchase some of the export options. It would make Shapr3D far more powerful and useful for people who mainly use desktop applications while also not “stepping in the toes” of the Pro subscription.

Low-res, seriously? Why bother? Your right back to over priced for value. The early days of SketchUp (Before ScroogLE) and ZBrush never went through this crap and they seem to have turned out pretty good with solid customer bases.

I see no feedback from Shapr3d here and maybe it is because there is not a lot of us supporting this request? Well here is my support but maybe we can find a middle ground?

Have different tiers of subscription:

  1. Pro - all you can eat buffet and for the people that make money with their designs - full rate as today?
  2. Semi Pro? - Export x amount of designs a year - talking obj files etc. 50% off full
  3. 3D printer Hobbyist - Export only STL files but at fine resolution - 75% off full price

There may be more options here but just think about it a bit. Subscriptions, a larger user base = sustainable income for the future…

Just my 2 cents

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