No valid bodies to export error message


Since upgrading to your latest version I get the above error when trying to export in any file format
This applies to new drawings as well as drawings done with an older version of the software

Any ideas on this
Thanks Anthony

I can successfully export using the shapr3d file format however if you change the name of the part it still saves it with the old name

It will not export in any other file format

Can you share a workspace that you are having issues with?

Whats the best way of doing that

ok try this link

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Thanks, we will look into this.

Any news on this as I really need to export to step for prototype production

I just tried to download the file, but the link asked for login. I logged in using my own Microsoft account, but I got this error : “We’re sorry, but can’t be found in the directory.”

Could you please send the workspace to or upload it here?