Northtrop F5 rc airplane


Trying to make a model of the Northtrop F5 single seat. For the moment fuselage quite finished but struggling to scale it to the desired length due to scaling error while I have no imported object in here.

Used the shell tool for the intake I think that is what makes it fail.

My plan is

  • make the skin of the plane
  • with the skin created, create out of wood the inner frame of the airplane
  • Finally cast the skin in fiberglass thanks to moule I will have 3D printed

For the moment I’m struggling with scale function because I used the shell tool for the intake and the scale function does not function with shelled objects. So I.m trying to refill these parts.

And I will do the wings, gear, fin etc when I will have learned enough with the fuselage :sweat_smile:



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Welcome Ben and good luck with your project. Don’t forget to post pictures of your progress, as we are always interested in seeing what our fellow Shapr3D users can do with it.

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Right, forgot to post pictures😅


That’s very good work already.

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Hello. Finally finished the fuselage :grinning:


Did you use rails with the lofts?

When possible yes. But most of the times, the results was unsuccesfull on complicated shapes.
For example for the belly of the plane, where the shape of the cockpit joins the shape of the air intakes, there is a rough angle that I’m unable to smoothen.