Scaling Question

Hey guys! (first post here, so here’s a bit of introduction)

My name is Tracy. I’m fairly new to 3D design, and very new to CAD type art. By day, I am an Art Director (graphic designer) at an advertising agency. By night, I like to tinker around with 3D design. I have done a fair amount of work on my Mac with SketchUp, but as soon as I saw a YouTube video of Shapr3D. I immediately sold my iMac and bought an iPad Pro. I’ve had the Pro since monday, and last night I finally had the chance to sit down and put some ideas down in Shapr3D.

I began designing a frame and arms for a mini quadcopter/drone. The process was very intuitive and I have immediately fallen in love with your app. I’m hooked for sure. But I can not figure one thing out, and that is scaling. I know how to scale using the Transform tool, and that makes the object overall larger or smaller. But what I’m looking to do (maybe this is because I’m used to 2D design), is I want to take my drone and keep it’s width and height, but make it longer only. Is there a way to do that?

I’ve added a pic of my drone where I currently have it. Please don’t judge or make fun! Like I said I’m new to this. Any tips would be awesome and completely welcomed. Thanks guys!

-Tracy aka TK3


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Hi Tracy,

wow, great design. Love it :slight_smile:

Scaling, as you described, is not possible in the app. A workaround for this would be to separate your body into two halved in the middle and make it longer by extruding one of the faces - created through the separation - until it reaches the other half of your Body. Would this be a viable workaround in your scenario?

Thanks Daniel!

It’s a work in progress. I plan on purchasing a cheap quadcopter, disassembling it and then printing my own chassis and basically frankensteining a custom quadcopter. haha.

I didn’t think it was, but I figured I’d ask and I knew someone would know a good workaround. I’ll give your suggestion a try tonight when I get home from work. I’m not 100% sure how it would work with my design, but that’s mainly because I’ve only been using the app for a couple of days. lol.

Thank you for your suggestion! I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I journey through the app. I love that you guys created this support forum as a “customer service” type area.

Thanks again!


Also…another view of my design, since I’m a newbie. haha. It’s super rough still, I have holes where holes shouldn’t be. That’s just bad planning/designing on my part! But I love the little feet I created for it. haha



In a few days we’re going to launch the new version of Shapr, I’d wait for that because it will save you so much time. In general, the basic interaction changes from simple extrude to something “magical” :smiley: You’ll be able to delete parts not just bodies and all the transform operation it handles will help you out with building your copter :slight_smile:


I look forward to this new update!! Thank you Zoli!!

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Congrats! Its a very nice drawing considering your first approach!
When I see this development ideas come to my mind.
I dont know if It will be possible, but could be great if the program calculate dynamics, as other programs like C4D or Maya

For example: I want to create a elevator pulled by gears or a castle gate or trap mechanism