I was looking doing a project of mine and I needed some numbers and letters. I found that there was a file to all the letters but I can find anything for numbers. I would really like a file with 0-9 on it if that would be possible for someone to share with me. Thanks!

Hi @BananaMan Welcome to the Forum
This may help:

It is a bit ‘old hat’ now but it should help you on your way.

If you have a Graphics Package that can handle DXF you could type in the Text or Numbers needed and then import into S3D.
If you need more help just shout
Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

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Can you just do 2D designs like for laser printer machines like a Glowforge? Some of my friends use Corel draw and autodesk invented for parts fit and also illustrator

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Sketch is the 2D toolset of S3D, if you practice you should be able to sketch accurately and efficiently.
I am not familiar with the requirements for input to Glowforge.
May I suggest that you start a fresh Thread if you wish to take this further, with a suitable Title it may attract knowledgeable Community Members.

The output is svg needed for Glowforge is sketch included on s3d ?

Navigate to Export in top left menu - rightmost icon
Under 3D Model you will find a list of File Types
Hit the Format button above 3D Model and it will reveal more details regarding the various Formats.
Presently .svg Files are not supported.

The Sketch toolset referred to is accessed from the Main Vertical Menu, that appears on the side chosen in Settings.
Click on Sketch and it will reveal it’s toolset.

We ll actually it can also do JPG, PNG, and PDF, and a few others on import, SVG is just a standard one also…

That should solve your problem. There are many YouTube videos showing conversion