Numerical move inconsistent for edges and objects

When I move an object and I input a numerical value for the distance, this object moves that distance in desired direction. But when I do the same with a single edge, the value entered into the numerical input box is rather added to the distance the I have dragged the edge manually. The result is that I cannot move any edge precisely (my manual dragging cannot be measured precisely without snapping or other auxiliary constraints).
I guess this is a bug.

Yes, we will fix it ASAP.

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Thanks for fast response.

BTW, the construction axes do not snap to grid and geometry like regular lines recently do. That makes the construction lines less than useful.

W 1 września 2018 5:25:34 PM Istvan napisał:

Thanks for reporting @PiotrK, we found the edge move inconsistency bug and fixed it, it will be in the next release (this week).

update: the construction axis one as well :slight_smile: