Can't move a simple line with one end locked

ok this is a very basic problem that I always hit and I’m not sure why.

  1. Draw a line
  2. lock one end
  3. add a length constraint to the line
  4. move the other end of the line (it should trace around a circle with a fixed radius).

Whenever I do this, the line immediately snaps back to the initial position, regardless of where I rotate the other end point. The only way I’ve been able to move the line endpoint is unlock the other end. What’s up with this?

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Yep, that’s a bug. Tried also, same thing happens for me as well.

Thanks for reporting it!

We’ll take a look at what the issue is behind it and get it fixed for the next release.

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I’m a complete novice at 3D CAD so this may not be a practical Temporary workaround. I added a new line from the locked end, selected both lines and changed the included angle. This worked for me. I then deleted the temporary line.