Shapr3D to Fusion 360 folder organisation

I use Shapr3D and fusion360 in my workflow. My shapr drawings get more and more complex, but when I export them to fusion I loose my folder organisation resulting in a endless list of bodies. Is there a way to keep my folders organized when exporting to fusion360? This would be very very helpful. E

We will look into this. For what are you using Fusion? I guess you bump into some limitations in Shapr - I would love to better understand what are these.

First of all creating technical drawings. Secondly the fusion viewer in which I can share the 3dmodel with clients, thirdly the render option.


Does anybody know a solution for this problem? I named all my bodies and put them in folders in Shapr. When opening the exported step file in fusion I have 161 loose unnamed bodies. Its very time-consuming to name and order everything again.

Hi, designs do not retain body names and structure when imported specfically into Fusion. It’s an exchange engine related issue which we are aware of and it will be investigated at some point. Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi all, it would be much appreciated to have a fix on Shapr3D to Fusion 360 folder organization … any updates on that please? I use fusion360 for the same reasons as sander