Obvious(?) question about locking the length ofa line

Caveat: I’m relatively new to Shapr3d and this may be user error/lack of understanding on my part. I’ve searched the forum and looked at the “manual” (such as it is), tutorials on YouTube but can’t find the answer to the following.

I want to create a rectangle and lock its dimensions so that they can no longer be changed but the rectangle can only be moved around.

I click on the dimension of a side, set the dimension, and the lock icon shows the dimension is locked. However, sometimes when I move the rectangle, the dimension will change.

What am I misunderstanding?

Hi there, here’s a short screen recording on how to lock in dimensions and still be able to move the sketch around. You have to actually tap on the lock icon on the dimension Numpad.

I hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Victor. When I started from scratch, I was able to get that to work. Something in the sketch I was trying this in was preventing it from locking.

I have a different question that I’ll post separately.

Thanks again

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