UI and Offset Face Issue

App Version 5.550.0.6428
macOS Sonoma 14.3.1

I’ve got two related issues I’ve run into with the offset face tool since updating:

  1. The font(both light and dark mode) and background color(dark mode) in the new dimension box is difficult to read and see. *Red circle in image

  2. When clicking on a face to offset it seems to be additive or subtractive now instead of discrete when typing a dimension. This significantly slows my workflow down as I often alter thickness of objects to standard dimensions. *Yellow circle in image

Example of #2:
I have an object of 1.8cm (18mm plywood) and decide I want 1.2cm instead, previously, I would just click on the face and hit 1.2 on my numpad. Now I have to do math with every change in dimension versus just typing in a discrete dimension.

That’s a simple, easy calculation I can do in my head but I’m not good at math so if I need to adjust a 1.905cm (weird #'s come from weird dimensions of US plywood) panel to 1.2 I’m having to pull a calculator out every time to find the difference.

edit Upon further investigation it seems that the Offset Face and Extrude tool have the exact same function when used on an existing body.


Hello Justin,

Had the same issue earlier today, after the update. Possibly a “bug”.


Hopefully it’s just a bug!

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Definitely a bug!!!
It slows down my workflow and annoys me to no end!


Today’s update reverted the behavior back to normal. Thank you for listening and addressing the issue, Shapr3D Team!