Online file storage

Now that Shapr supports other platforms, it would be nice to be able to have design files accessible from any of the platforms without having to export and import them. A ‘one database’ kind of thing where I could edit some on the iPad and finish up some work on a PC before printing, as an example.

Probably not an easy task to share the file locations from wherever they are stored natively within the iPad app, I can understand.

An option to ‘use cloud storage’ for design files by default and be able to point at something like Dropbox as the repository. Basically asking for a network friendly file management setup for Shapr files.

Yes, we are working on it. The internal builds are already supporting this, and it’s working very well. We are going to release it publicly this year.


Dropbox,Box,Google Drive,Microsoft OneDrive are among the services that enable you to share big files easily, store them in the cloud, sync them across multiple devices, and collaborate on them with collegues and clients.

Hopefully we’ll be able to choose our desired cloud service among a few options.

Unfortunately not, we will only offer our own cloud service, but it will be optional. We would not be able to implement a high quality sync service (especially not on iOS) based on other 3rd party providers. However for enterprise customers we will offer a self hosted version of the sync service.

Has this been released? I am looking within the PC application as to where files are saved and/or looking for files that I have created and edited on my iPad to be cross-usable. Perhaps I am missing it but I am not seeing this path enabled as of yet?

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We would not be able to implement a high quality sync service (especially not on iOS) based on other 3rd party providers.

What are the technical reasons behind this? What do third party storage/sync providers not offer that you need?

Because from here there answer just sounds like vendor lock-in.

Hi Cleeder, you will still be able to export your designs, open it in Dropbox or Google Drive, and do whatever you want with it, so we are not locking you in. Also, sync will be optional, and available even in the free version.
By integrating sync directly into Shapr3D, we can provide a completely great experience, making switching between your devices completely seamless.

Hey - Sync was not released last year, but we’ve just opened the beta. If you want to try it out, please write to Mia, and she will set you up.

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