I think it time that the app be able to work offline somehow, so when I don’t have access to the internet I can access my designs. Also, I think within creative rights the designs I create in the app are my intellectual property and therefore should always have the right to view them, especially if created while paying the subscription fee. It would be one thing as a free trial to not be allowed access once the trial has ended, but it is highly discouraging for a professional line of software to limit access to intellectual property created during a paid period for professionals.

I’m aware designs can be exported manually to my own folder, but there should be a feature that allows me to save files as I create them to an external cloud or network connected device, so I don’t lose data. I nearly lost all my designs when purchasing a new iPad and would have if my iPad would have died on me. Had I not thought to save my designs to my iCloud manually, then all designs were not saved to any cloud server to reload them on my new device, which I spent many months creating these designs and it is crucial in some cases that they are saved…


I am a bit puzzled. Shapr3D does not require network connection, and it never did. Your data is not stored in the cloud, but on your device. I don’t fully understand the issue. Can you please elaborate a bit?