Option to change width of History window?

I’m on iPad/Mac. Looks like we have the option to change the width of the Items window. But this option appears to not exist on the History window.

Am I missing an option to change the History window width? No biggie on my desktop. But even on my large iPad pro, it takes up more space than I’d like.

See attach screenshot in case this isn’t clear.


I was wondering about this as well. It’s no issue when I’m on my big desktop monitor, but if it’s just my laptop, it’d be nice to be able to either adjust the History window width or temporarily hide it.

You can hide it by just clicking on the clock icon.

Understood. But I don’t want to close it. I want to keep it open, but move it to the right. That window takes up a lot of blank space and with a smaller iPad screen, it would be very useful to see more of the model. Thanks.

Apologies, I was replying to the person above.

I agree that a scalable window would be beneficial.

Thank you re: the clock icon. I discovered that not too long after posting my message. :smiling_face: I agree that a scalable window would be nice.

Long-standing issue.
I work on a Mini5… Enough said. Both Items and History waste precious space!
Possible gain:

1:1 iPad5

1:1 iPad5

As I wrote in a similar thread :
All of this is easily solved, force all the Shapr3D (UI) staff/geniuses to work solely on an iPad Mini5 every second week.
(Seriously, a cardinal developer/management error is to always use the largest, latest & fastest of everything, not reflecting the user pool.)