Organic shapes can anyone give guidance

Hope someone could help give guidance on how I should go about re creating one of my wood fired ovens in 3ds
Please see pic
For ref this oven is 1250 mm front to back
1080 at it’s widest point
It’s 1m across the front
And the chimney is 180

Hope someone can help with a process and method image image image

I would loft the shape, then cut the front part, shell the body, and apply a fillet on the front facing edges.

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In lofting can you apply multiple curves to follow
Or just the one

Jay Emery

As many as you like, Jay.

Here’s an example:

Thanks! I’ll start and see how I get on
No doubt ill need to ask for some more help

All Apreciated

Jay Emery

Here is one way to create this.


Hi mike you did that so quickly any chance i can see you do that with whichever tools you used higlighted. This is how far i got but could not get splines to attach


Hi gray is there any way you could show me how you achieved this with connecting splines etc would Ned to see the tool clicks. If i can

I’ll put together a video for you later today. Busy, busy at the moment.

Here is the video you asked for. I used a spline to create 1/2 of the bell shape and did a Revolve.
Then I Extruded a half cylinder and used Scale to reduce one end. With both bodies I did a Union then Chamfered to create the additional curve. Then I recessed the igloo front and did a radius. Went to the underside and did a Shell and finally removed the inner igloo wall. The last thing was the hole at the top. Hope this helps. Let me know if any further questions.


Thank you so much for doing that for me. Really appreciated.
Now i have to see if i can replicate and do my own ones
While referring to this video
You diamond you