Help with organic shapes. WOOD FIRED ovens

Hi all of you enthusiasts. Recently i was asked to create a new oven for the chelsea flowershow 2024. In my mind i can visualise the shape of the oven. Even got into the factory and made it but I would like to now re create that shape in shapr3d. Up til now a friend has helped me create a mesh in rhino but i would like to be able to draw this in shapr so any help appreciated see pics still in rough refractory awaiting final render ]

In the next 2 weeks i will share some shapr from concept to design and finished product images. Shapr has helped me get client approval on concept and then reduce production time by having accurate plans to work to

I think it’s quite easy to accomplish using loft tool.

If you could expand. I use lofts all the time but dont see how a loft would help create these multiple curves

Search the forum and you will find someone who wanted to loft a wood fired oven and many more similar. The loft tool is the goto for that.

Isn’t this your post? Organic shapes can anyone give guidance

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Yup this me. And thanks a million for finding that post i had in all truth forgotten that i had asked the question before will re visit now

Spent 15 min. It’s hard to reproduce your design using only two not very good made photo but something like that I think :slight_smile:

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You did well for 15 min. Was the main body a rotation of a spline or was it several lofts just trying to work out your methods so i can learn from them

As I said in the beginning it’s easy to do using loft tool:


Hanks for sharing will give it a bash