Output scale of obj for Forger etc

Great to work on the iPad
When I export to obj and then Forger my scale is about 100.000 units too small.
How can I export setting a scale without having to scale the bodies in Shapr3D
I would have a complete work flow if I can texture and sculpt in Forger


Hi, it’s difficult to outrightly tell what could be the main cause of the model’s scale reduction.

Please can you send us the original file in Shapr format via support@shapr3d.com? We would be glad to take a look to see if it’s a tessellation or model geometry related issue.

I will also ask if you can reach out to Forger support as they might be able to proffer some import specifications based on the nature of the file to be imported.
Thanks for your time and understanding!

Thank you for the answer. I will reach out to Forger as I saw that the scale seems to be correct in desktop applications. Amazing to export from Concept directly into Shapr3D. But no origin in Concept. So I just figured the location reference of origin myself to get a good template. Scale was off there too when importing but that is understandable.

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