Parametric features

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First, the direction this is heading is great and I hope these are already on the roadmap but, in case they aren’t;

Parameters/variables spreadsheet/database needs to be implemented. making what would be quick adjustments are not quick currently. Along with this would be the ability to use equations and some simple scripting “if statements”.

furthermore, linked objects. any time a object is duplicated, there should be an option for it to inherit anything that happens to any linked instance. this would go for mirroring and anything else of the sort (patterns).

Thread modeling. I have seen this around, but wanted to emphasize it’s importance… the threads should be modeled, not representative.

coming from fusion 360, as i think many are, these features missing are show stoppers. What takes around 10-30 minutes (or more) in shapr can be done in less than a minute in fusion. Shapr is on the edge of being a replacement, but has a ways to go… and I really want to see that happen. I am enjoying the app and hope that it gets to the level it needs to be to stand against fusion.