3 missing things from Perfection

There are only 3 things missing from making Shapr3D the perfect CAD software.

I’ve been subscribing and unsubscribing to Shapr3D for 2 years, waiting on these features. I have to use SolidWorks while I wait for these- but it’s so cumbersome. As soon as these features are shipped, I will drop SW. I decided to finally create an account to share this because they are also stopping my colleagues at work from considering Shapr3D seriously at the production company I work at.

  1. Named variables/parameters (with expressions), that can optionally be used cross-project
    (been working on this since at least Sep 2023)
  1. A way to see what is constraining a thing (things will be locked, I can’t figure out why, the only way is to delete the sketch and remake it)
  1. Hotkey for renaming things (sketches/bodies/history items: fillet, &c)

Scheduled to be released in September.

We are working on improvements on this front, but perfectly solving this problem is virtually impossible. It will get much better by the end of the year though.

Custom keyboard shortcuts will be released by the end of August/September. We’ll look into adding a hotkey option for renaming.


Hello @Istvan I would like to ask you, if you plan to add automatic constraining of offset edge into Shapr3D and if so, could you tell me when you plan to add it? :grin:


Yes, hopefully this year.


Perfect, thank you