Shapr3D updates

Please follow the format below for requesting a feature.

The problem that this feature will solve:

Users will stop complaining that it doesn’t exist and will stop asking for them to be added.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

To be able to work in Shapr3D the way I do in other CAD programs

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

The ability to reuse and/or scale a preexisting design in another design and update it as needed.

Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?

Yes, it is.

Good Day Shapr3D Team,

I have seen on a couple posts here that you have replied “We might have something to solve this problem later though, so stay tuned :wink:

Is there a reliable time line to look for these features? Weeks, months?

I have been using Shapr3D and Fusion360 to start learning the ins and outs of CAD since the beginning of 2023. Shapr looks better and is easier to use by far than Fusion360.

But from an investment point, especially for a hobbyist or better yet, someone just playing around. Once you look at pricing when Fusion360 goes on sale it is less than $100.00/yr more than Shapr but has far greater capabilities.

I am not saying this to rag on Shapr3D at all. But it seems like a lot of feature requests that are getting implemented are minutia and real functionality improvements go unacknowledged. Sometimes for years on the most asked for. Maybe this is due to coding and testing constraints that we (the users) don’t/can’t see to make such deep feature implantable into the existing base that is Shapr3D.

With UI refresh and teasings of things to come. I am hoping the most requested features are having the most resources put towards them.

Will we see components/instances/component libraries, assemblies and a handful of other very usable features that have been asked for again and again in this community?

We all hear/read in these community posts that a lot of the features requested are “These are a parametric modeling feature and Shapr3D is a direct modeling application.” Well, then I think Shapr3D should look at implementing the ability to use parametric features as well. Fusion360 has several different modeling modalities to choose from. There is no negatives the can come from Shapr3D expanding its horizons.

CAM might be a huge ask for, but component instantiation as they have been asked for, thread tools, assemblies and the handful of other top requested features should be at the forefront of development (in my humble opinion).

This will make Shapr3D the “Go To” solution for CAD. Implement CAM into the software and all other companies will need to be put on notice because you will take over the industry.

I love what I’ve seen so far and I hope to see a lot of these issues solved by years end when Fusion360 has its big sale. I want to go all in on Shapr3d but components and assemblies are a brick wall that I cannot get past.



Thanks for the feedback!

We don’t provide public timelines for features as we like to polish and deliver good quality, and many cases, these need time, and during development, we usually adjust the release dates multiple times. CAD is a complex field, we try to do our best but things always come up as we dig deep into a topic, therefore even if we would provide them, these timelines would almost continuously move, which point they won’t be of any use, probably it would be even worse.

Feature requests are a tricky thing. We get thousands of requests, and we do prfioritize them, considering multiple factors. Many cases, they are dependent on each other, and it also happens that significant groundwork needs to be done, before some of these features could be introduced.

Good example is the UI refresh itself. Though not many asked for it directly, it is an absolutely necessary step to make it possible to keep adding features, without ending up looking like all the legacy systems with hundreds of buttons all around the place. As we add more and more features, it’s harder and harder to keep things simple, but that’s what we aim for.

That being said, most of what you ask for is on our medium term roadmap, but we can’t commit to an exact release date due to the above mentioned reasons.

We also have some interesting announcements coming soon :wink:


Also I would Iike to see cheaper version of sharp3d , around 100 usd/yr, and I see sharp 3d as direct modeling tool, like to make fast great designed product send to proper cad and also for when near production to present costumer and make simple correction on site. Second I would like to see on line 3d library and assembly’s , for second workflow site maintenance engineers to arrange equipment on site with ability to import and export .bim to import element like furniture in space and make correction on furniture design and also piping cable modeling autoroute auto size function to connect to points in space like light and switch ( route and lengths ) or pipes on direct on go modeling

Best regards