Pencil gone

One year less 11 days(warranty)and Apple won’t even tell me when I can expect my pencil back from whatever their subcontractor will do with it.
Really, Ipads suck with no mouse support! I mean…

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I personally love the pencil and think it has changed my computing life forever. I find it so more comfortable to work with for longer periods and it’s a much more natural position than a mouse helping keeping the RSI pain down. I can see how mouse would work with Shapr3D but I prefer the pen.

Anyway hope you get yours back soon!



Given that the Pencil seems not designed to be repaired, I would have thought Apple would just hand you a replacement.

Exactly! The local retailer claimed at first there is only 6 months warranty and when I talked to Apple I had to hang up the first time, the girl(attendant)did not have her ”ducks in a row” unfortunately.
Got an email response and did call them back. I had 11 days left of my one year warranty and the local dealer sent it in to a sub-contractor for repair.
Right now I have no clue when I´ll get it back.

No doubt pissed off with the incredibly poor service from both dealer and Apple!

Looking through this issue it seems as far too many have this exact same problem.
Likely, as I was thinking of upgrading to Pro 12.9” I will reconsider as Microsoft Surface Book and Onshape looks much more stable and given that Windows is what it is it will likely be a winner unless Apple …