Perpendicular construction planes


I have two sets of pipes that I‘d like to connect to each other and I‘m really struggling to do anything that works. I‘ve created a construction plane that goes through the center of each of the pipe-ends, but the problem is that the construction plane can‘t snap onto anything on the pipe-ends. I‘ve managed to draw and sweep pipes on the construction plane, but they don‘t fully line up with the pipe-ends.


Why don’t you draw an arc between the two pipes and sweep the circular faces through the arc?

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The construction plane’s point should be able to snap to the center of the circular face.

I can’t comment on this case but past projects involving tubing for vehicle chassis worked better when working from the tube periphery as opposed to the center. Sounds counterintuitive but may work better for you.

Istvan and Tommy,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I responded via E-Mail, but for some reason it doesn‘t seem to have made it to the thread here.

I‘ve attempted to snap to anything I can. From the construction plane the only thing I‘m able to snap to are other lines in that lie in the same plane. Even that seems somewhat limited. I tried extruding a rectangular pipe parallel to the circular pipe and drew a line on the pipe-end, lying on the construction plane, and wasn’t able to snap to that either. See image:

I‘ve also noticed that sometimes I can only snap to lines if I‘ve previously snapped to a point on that line. In one instance I‘m only able to snap to the horizontal line (on the construction plane) if I‘ve first snapped to the corner (would upload photo, but there is a one photo limit).

Any idea what’s going on? Are my long pipes leading to numerical instabilities or something? Or have I misunderstood how snapping is supposed to work?


Try to draw a line connecting both sketches together
Hide the body then draw a line

Double tab with your finger on the sketch to select it

And the line should be connected from the top of the body “pipes”

Like this

Hi Jack,

Thank you for the suggestion. So I drew two lines connecting each pair of pipes, but I wasn‘t able to connect it to anything. I actually noticed that from a top view (now that the bodies are hidden) only the lines on the wooden beams in the background are thick. All the other lines are thin. I assume this means that Shapr3D doesn‘t think the lines lie in the construction plane. I‘ve even tried constructing the plane using the pipe end-pieces as starting points, but that didn‘t work either.

I‘m working at the 0.5cm granularity, and all the constructions are perpendicular, so I wouldn‘t think it‘s too complicated of a structure. The pipe is 290cm long for reference.


Hi @foges, in Shapr3D you can only snap sketch elements to each other if they are on the same plane, this is why some lines are thicker than others. They are placed on different planes :confused:
Crating a plane placed in the thickest diameter of the tubes was a good start, you just have to project the pipes as sketches to get them on the plane as references for the arc connecting the tubes.


Yay, finally. That worked. Thank you Peter!

Not quite sure why they weren‘t on the same plane, since they were at the same height from the “ground”. Either way, this is great to know for future reference whenver things don’t snap.


Great, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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