Perpendicular geometry in drawing


I’ve got a design with lots of angles. In a drawing, I often don’t have the necessary lines from the design to dimension angles the way I would like. This leads to awkward dimensions that aren’t practical.

A huge help would be the ability to add a drawing line perpendicular to a line in a point. See illustration below.


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Thanks for the effort!

I know this is possible in an sketch. However, a was talking about the ‘2D drawing’ space. So, adding dimensions for printing. The options in a 2D drawing are much more limited than sketches.

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Aha, I didn’t realise you were referring to the 2D drawings.

I was about to replace the video with an updated version as I had made a small typo but I guess there is no need now after your reply.

Until this feature is added there is a quick workaround you could use for critical dimensions.

Here, I added a body of nominal width to the model before exporting as a 2D drawing so that I could use it as a reference from which to measure…

This can be used when exporting as a 2D drawing then hidden later.