Pervasive Crashing

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m creating a model of a new type of solar panel array, however, after designing the individual photovoltaic — I have been using the copy function under transform to populate the host panel with the individual photovoltaics.

Every time I get beyond two rows — the app crashes. Additionally, I have to log in every time as it does not recognize my subscription durably, and after I log in — it recognizes my subscription until I close the program once again.

Please Advise…

Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us. Please can you send us a screen recording showing these issues(the crash and login issue) and also the design file via We will then investigate the issue and get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

Also as a workaround, is it possible that you first copypaste the basic sketches for all photovoltaic cells. Then select all cell sketches to extrude, fillet and add details to them silmutanously rather than trying to copypaste the already designed shape.

I had a similar issue copying large numbers of an object using an older iPad. When I upgraded to the newest generation about a month ago, performance drastically increased.