Flashing screen and crash

Hi! Sometimes I have a strange flashing on the screen, when working, this happened before, for a few times, but now is more consistent, and the app is also crashed for several times. The design is simple, some tables, nothing special, but the app is crashing in every 5-10 min.

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A device restart should help fix the issue. Please try restarting your iPad let’s see if the issue persists.

Hi! I made restart, for several times. That was the first thing… I have 25 years of 3dsMax, 5 of fusion360, mainly on win, so, I have some experience. The flash - like some diagonal lines - is there from some time, probably weeks- in different files, it is disturbing, but not fatal. The crash is a new problem, and is serious. I don’t know, if there is a relation between the flash and crash. The file after the crash and restart of the app is there, but the black screen is pretty annoying. I tried older files, did not experienced the crash, only on the files made today, some simple tables…


Based on our crash analytics, the flashes and the crashes are related, but so far you are the only one affected, and we couldn’t reproduce it yet. If you can share a little bit more detail, (maybe in email: support@shapr3d.com) about how to reproduce the issue, that would be super helpful.

Hi! You are quick! Thanks!

So… I worked about 45 minutes on some other files, and no problem!

After Your mail opened the files with the tables, made a screenshot, selected the first table piece by piece, when was selected the flash begin, and when tried to copy, crashed…

I hope this helps somehow… As I see, probably is a bug in the file, because the other files are not doing this, but a file saved from this and modified is making the trick…

I am sending both screenshots on mail!


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Can you send the problematic workspace to support in .shapr format?

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I will not get into anything here but the windows app has crashed on my second display 5-6 times this evening. I got a Samsung 27 inch for my new Surface Pro and am really happy with the workspace and quality. However, for no reason obvous it flickers and shuits down Shapr when lest expected.

it must have to do with 2nd display and windows, but seeing that others have had similar problems made me write.