photo combined with 3d model

I am planning to build timber fences, I was thinking when I do the quote for some job to make it more appealing and easier for customers to visualize to take a photo of their house and in some 3d draw the exact fence I want to build and put in the photo with their house, what’s the best way to do that?

If you are using an iPad, this is very easy. Using the Augmented Reality feature, go to the house, and while viewing the house, place the design on the screen, move and scale it, then capture the photo.

Try this at your own location for practice.

Here’s an example of a piece of equipment I designed for a commercial building. One is the AR image and the other is reality.



I do that with my projects. Sometimes I’ll make an AR projection and capture it with my iPad. Here’s a still from a video, the video is too big for uploading here

The bunch of tools, wheel, tyre and wheel nuts in the foreground are all made in Shapr3D and AR projected into the workshop in the bus company where I work.


Actually I was able to clip and compress the video size and quality down greatly in order to give a better idea of what can be done for presentations.

I’m in the process of converting the items and sending to Unity so it will work with the Oculus Quest 2 as a training app.


It’s an outstanding capability and amazing sales tool!

Excellent presentation!

Thanks very much guys. The audio is actually real sound from the workshop which I captured on my iPhone and added to the clip in iMovie.
The full presentation is a couple of minutes long and was very positively received by the management at work. Faces lit up with enthusiasm when I showed them the AR live in use, and the video clip. I really couldn’t have anticipated how powerful and persuasive our presentations can be.

As a result, I was given the resources (new laptop, Quest 2, any other hardware and software I need, within reason of course) so that I can progress things to the next level.

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Here’s a clip I did for fun with the Oblivion drone I made last year. I gave it the company logo and colours and it got a few laughs on our WhatsApp group.


@McD Very work on your project. The AR render sells it very nicely :+1: