Plane thru 3 Points Offset from True Position

There are cases where Subj. seems to occur:



I used same technique on rear face (not shown in ss’s) and it worked ok. Any geometry on plane will also be offset from body.

s3d file enclosed

Thanks for looking at this.


Back Section.shapr (440 KB)

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for posting this issue and your workspace file, we’ll have a look.


In my model, I used this tool many times. In only about 25% of the time did it work correctly. In the other cases, I had to move the plane to a correct position. As you can imagine, this is not precise because you really don’t know where the points exactly are. This results in some of the small gaps you see in the model. After a while you get worn down…


Transform - Move/Rotate/Scale

My biggest clueless factor resulting resulting in a lot of frustration was not understanding that this function could be also used for planes. The onscreen help only states shapes and groups — when it can also be used for planes and sketches.

Hoping this post may save another new user some time and frustration.



Thank you, this is because if you sketch on different planes, the sketches on them are don’t know each other. It would be nice if the planes could share their sketches, thank you for the suggestion.

Thanks for the new version 3.0.8 which seems to fix this problem.

Is there a possibility that you could indicate the version number in the comments on the App Store? If one is not cognizant of the prior version, then one might never know if the DL really worked unless one was keeping track with a screenshot or on paper…