Planes & constraints

2 things would be useful for planes. Some constraints (e.g. parallel, perpendicular, tangent etc) and being able to invoke xyz axis lines with respect to the selected plane.

Constraints in terms of that the relationships are maintained when you change a geometry?

Use constraints on a plane with respect to another plane, sketch element or geometry. e.g use the parallel constraint on a plane with respect to another plane.

The reason I am asking is that there are multiple options to create CPs, including parallel, tangent, etc. But the relationship is not maintained after creating the planes.

I will have to investigate some more in an simpler project. Thought about this while working on a large project trying to place a plane on an edge with respect to another item and also parallel to the relative floor of the project. Sure I can figure the angle and rotate the plane accordingly. That is also where a Measurement tool that could measure angles and distances between bodies, point on bodies lines etc. is needed.

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There are a ton of options: How do I create a construction plane? – Shapr3D Help Desk