Playing with Type II

Promotion for one of my typefaces. This one is called Cy.
Modelling in shapr, rendering in Keyshot.


Nice and colorful!

Thanks for sharing…



Off Topic
Which version of Keyshot do you use? Is it on a PC or Mac? The output looks fantastic. How easy is it to use? i.e.: compared to Shapr3D for example.

I use Keyshot 8 Pro on a Mac. I was looking for an easy to use 3D app for many years, started with cinema 4D and gave up on it as it was too complex for me. I am not a full time user but more of a hobbyist and so many 3d program were frustrating as you have to keep working with them on a daily basis. Shapr was my personal breakthrough in 3D modelling and only then I decided to take the next step with a renderer. Keyshot seems very simple to me and is intuitive to handle. I can not remember to only have watched one single tutorial. Maybe I only scratch the surface of its functionality but that is ok to me. Most things look good if you only use keyshots basic lighting and the matrials are great! They offer a free trail version that you might want to download.


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Unfortunately only with watermark or is there a link to a trial version without watermark?

Thank you. I’ll investigate the free download.

No that I knew of.