Working with type / importing form Illustrator

There is an older post from one year ago, but I think the problem is still unsolved. Thus I open a new topic: Does anybody have a workaround for using type in shapr? I want to use type (single shapes or words not longer text) and extrude it as 3d bodies. When I import single Character shapes as DXF from Illustrator most curves get messed up.

[to give you an idea of what I work with]
(In this case I opened a PDF with the typeface in shapr and redrew the shapes - OMG!)



Can you please attach a picture of what exactly happens with the curves?

It can happen that if you draw a shape in Illustrator which is filled, there will be some duplicates and weird things around the control points when exporting. Try to hide the inner fill and export just the contour of your shapes.

Hi Jürgen,

just to inform you - I had worked with Illustrator DXF files before and just tried to import a text set in »Helvetica Neue - Medium« without issues. The letter forms look ok and I could extend them without issues. Today I used the latest Illustrator (v25.0) and the actual Shapr3D.

Did you try to open the DXF file in another CAD app just to check, if the DXF is ok?

By the way, your »Lego« usable font looks great and I like the idea. I wish you much success with your »Cy« font.


Thank you, guys!

I played around with illustrator and export settings and the screenshot shown is the best (least annoying) result with as many export options unchecked as possible. But still the shapes get messed up: all the edges are round, not sharp. :frowning:

That’s weird, can you please send us the .ai and the .dxf file to

When I import an Illustrator DXF into Autodesk Fusion 360 I see sharp letter corners. The lines and curves are separate, none of the lines include angels at the corners. In Shapr3D some lines are concatenated at the corners to form an angle and this corner is rounded. So Shapr3D might change the lines contained in the DXF during import?

By the way - in Autodesk Fusion 360 the tested letter forms where shown equally: The letter as type, the letter converted to an outline and the letter converted to an outline and ungrouped. (While exporting I activated the Illustrator option »Outline Text«)

Hopefully Peter can find the issue.

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