Please add text editing around the circle

I first drew a text vector on the computer CorelDRAW software, and then imported it into Shapr3D to complete the modeling work. It is very much expected that Shapr3D can upgrade the round or curved text editing function based on the current text editing function. This is really very important! Thank your team for your continuous efforts, and I am also convinced that Shapr3D will get better and better.


Nicely done :+1:

How old is CORELDraw?



I am (or was) a Corel guru. I have used it since… geeze… Corel draw 6 or 8. '97?

It goes back to the Win 3.1 days.

It works really well for tech drawing. AI is better at artistic drawing. Corel is no slouch at artistic drawing.
Inkscape is clunky but viable and free.
My current version is X6 which is 2014 and is still working great! A new full 2019 version is $450, or yearly $260.

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Shapr needs some serious work on it’s spline tool as well.

The first ten items in this image should be in a submenu for the spline tool at the pen tip or cursor. That would make it 1st class and easy to use. Tool submenu should allow Freehand and Bezier (Control and point). Whish I had time to show how fast I can vectorize an image or logo from a photo. This one is for a laser cut lamp shade project.

Modifying fonts in Corel is a breeze, right click/ vectorize and start editing. Working on 3D printable below for behavior specialist. Corel is probably the best companion for Shapr.

If you ever find the time, please post a video of how “fast you can vectorize an image or logo”. It would be awesome to see! Especially since I’ve mainly used Omnigraffle, Shapr3D and Adobe Illustrator for such task, which granted isn’t perfect for vectorization.

Looking at the Sagittarius character, I use the Bezier line tool to roughly outline the shape over the image quick and dirty. Then I use the shape tool to refine the shape.

Most of the work is done in the shape tool. Sometimes I add nodes strategically that will be deleted later to get a curve just right. Cusp, Smooth and Symmetrical are used extensively.

Another quick and dirty way, I use the line segment tool and then shape tool, select all line segments and hit the “To Curve” then drag the curve handles. That can work good over some logo photos (like ATT’s globe logo).

When all shapes are outlined, a final refinement. Example: the front bent leg, the hock is not right. Rear farthest leg needs work. That will be dealt with on third pass when all other shapes are in place.

Shapr could take notes from Corel.

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Thank you.

Hi,Tommy.I have never used this kind of vector graphics software before. The CorelDRAW I Use Is The 2020 Version.

At present, the function I most expect to add in Shapr3D is a round text editing function like pictures, that is, upgrading the existing text function. There is no need to rotate it slowly, or edit it in other software before importing it into Shapr3D for use. That’s too inconvenient! Too inhumane. We look forward to the early addition of such text editing functions by the Shapr3D team. Thank you again for your continuous efforts!

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I am looking forward to receiving a reply from the Shapr3D team! Thank you again!

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Hi @Xiamen0592,

We hear you, and our team is aware of your request. However, our current focus is on delivering more general modeling and documentation related features which means that we won’t be focusing on the improvement of the text edibility on the close roadmap.

I remember using Corel Draw when I bought my first PC in 1997, I think it came free with the Windows 95 package.

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry to hear that. This means that similar text modeling and design can’t be completed in one step from text editing to modeling in Shapr3D after importing with the help of other software. This will undoubtedly weaken Shapr3D’s competitive advantage in modeling software. I like your software unparalleledly and look forward to its perfection.

Hi Stephen. I know Corel Draw, and I usually use it to edit similar round text. But that means that you can’t complete this kind of text work directly in one step in the iPad. Shapr3D’s text editing function has been discounted.