Poly line automatically created

When drawing walls of a room, Shapr is automatically adding a polyline joining the top of the walls and creating a surface which, if extruded, creates the ceiling of the room. While this is a good feature, Shapr doesn’t allow the deletion of this surface. Is there a workaround?

Hello! Can you please share some screenshots about the project? I think it is just another sketch plane that you can hide from the Items List and you are ready to go :rocket:

During any modeling flow, we may create sketch elements if any detail of a solid body is used as a reference, but not randomly. In the case of references, technically an automatic projection happens of the referenced edges or faces to the active sketch plane. Could this happen in your case?

Hi KPeter,
Thanks for the response. I added an example of the surface which was created on its own, it can be seen highlighted in blue. I cannot delete it also, if I try to, nothing happens and I receive no error messages.

Thanks, I see! That is a sketch plane on the top level of the walls. As you have it selected on the screenshot, you’ll see that it is highlighted in the Items List also. Just hide it and you’ll be able to select everything below it.

I looked it up in the items list but couldn’t find it (after selecting it), I deleted all the elements which I don’t need and were in the list and it is now gone.
Thank you for the support.

Hi Peter,

actually, the sketch is selected in the item list only when you select a curve on the sketch, not when you select a surface.
This behavior is different from what we get with bodies: selecting edge, surface or full body highlight the body’s name in the item list.

So, it could be a good idea to have the sketch highlighted in the item list also when a surface from it is selected.


Hi @PEC,

Correct, thanks for highlighting :slight_smile: