Sketch planes that can’t be deleted

I am drawing a framing structure for a building, and when the posts and beams connect on a side, the entire plane of the side becomes like a sketch plane, but doesn’t appear in the layers and this plane is unable to be disabled or deleted, making it impossible to sketch within the thickness of the wall. It becomes an invisible wall in essence. Anyone understand how to prevent these planes?

Hello @TimSchmidt,
Regarding your description, there is a sketch plan there. If you tap into the blue area, the specific plane will be highlighted in the Items List and you can hide it.

If this is a different case, please upload a screenshot to help us better understand the situation.

In the case of the planes that I’m referring to, they are not listed in the items list, nor can they be deleted. Nearly but not all of the large spaces between beams in this drawing contains a drawing plane. I’ve tried numerous times to delete this area highlighted in blue with no success. I don’t know if there is a flaw within the software, or if there is a better way for me to draw things to prevent this situation

Hello @kpeter. Thanks for replying! These planes are different than regular sketch planes. I included a screen shot in the thread.

Can you please upload the Shapr3D design here or send it us in a support ticket?