Polygon with a hole in it

I have drawn a polygon. I want this polygon to have a hole in it. It’s not a body so I can’t just extrude it. I just want to delete a selected section of the center of the polygon like I would do in any image manipulation software. What is the name and location of this command.

Please attach a screenshot.

Also, note that Shapr3D is not an image manipulation software, thus it works very differently.

I want to delete the red circled areas. When I try to, the hole remains filled in. If I select the polygon hole and simply try to delete it

You can’t remove the filling. Why do you want to do that?

I think I have figured out that I do not need to do what I am attempting to do. I am new to CAD. Thanks for your help.

Everything in blue is to show that they within a closed drawing that can be extruded. They won’t extrude if you do not select them directly. You can only extrude closed drawings.