Unselectable faces

I have a visible face that can be selected only when I hide the bodies, please check the following pictures:
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Mhmm… This is by design, because otherwise when you would push in a filling to make a hole, the filling would cover the hole, that was very confusing for many users. So we just hide fillings over holes.

I noticed this behavior also. Easy to work around…

But I don’t understand your explanation. What is a “filling” and what, in general, is a “hole”?

Just so I understand if/when this happens in other circumstances.



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Thank you Istvan. Do you mean that a face cannot be selected if all of its edges belongs to some body? Can your further clarify your explanation (maybe with an example?)? Why should I be able to extrude all other faces, but not the one in the corner?

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Filling = sketch fillings, the blue stuff, that is generated automatically from closed sketches.

If all the sketches in a closed sketch overlap with the edges of a body, we hide the fillings.

Eg.: draw a circle on the top of a box. Push it in to create a hole. The sketch is still there, but the filling is not. Otherwise it would cover the hole. If anybody has a suggestion on how to improve this, I promise we will implement it ASAP. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess these are just design choices, and once the behavior follow the principle of least surprise, there’s no problem whichever the implementation is.
But I still have problems to understand this, and when or why the filling disappears — it may be just my case since I am a newcomer in Shapr3d.

Here I tried to follow your example: in the simplest case of a hole through a box, the filling is removed. But just two steps ahead, I have a situation where the filling is “covering” the hole:

Two things comes in my mind in this case:

  1. I am not confused about the filling “covering” the hole, it is clear that there is a hole under the filling, the shades make it clear, so why the necessity to remove it?
  2. The circle sketch overlaps with the body, and I am confused to see that is not being removed (or, on the contrary I am surprised to see that in other cases it is).

I am interested to understand the point of view of users that find it useful to remove filling on some circumstances. Sometimes, where the “least surprising” behavior is not clear, a good implementation choice is simply to have it customizable in some advanced option (e.g.: Hide fillings through holes [Yes/No]), with the default set to whatever the majority of users expect it to be.

Actually now that I think about it, I think there is an upcoming feature, that will help us get rid of this behaviour. Stay tuned.