Portable capsule coffee maker

It’s a portable beverage brewer used in travel, especially in the car.
It contains many parts , and 90% percents are created in Shapr3D.
It costs me a week to completed it.
To compare with the products sold on amazon.com,mine provides good experience.
Shapr3D is a new platform , I design this is to test wether the Shapr3D is reliable for my design works.
I will make a entire-function prototype very soon.
I determined I will design it as a real product, and finally sell it on the market. The most important thing is maybe this is the first one developed in Shapr3D , I think and hope, and that means much to me and us :slight_smile:

The information about this product:
90ml (3 Oz)
DC 12V 80W
Use standard nespresso capsule

The team of Shapr3D is admired since of their creative works, but I also admit there are some problems that to fix before the Shapr3D is affordable for structure designing.

image image image image



I redesign the heat and pump unit, It is provide 16 bar pressure, ceramic

It also hospitality-used, with instead the top cup unit of a crane outlet tube, it is detachable.




Really impressive work. What were the key issues that you faced with during the project? What did you miss the most from the app?

Maybe it is not design project, it is for concept, I do not know whether I got the correct understanding of this App :slight_smile:

As for structure design there are many parts include, sometimes I have to check a certain part(solid) ,

Issue 1, I have to hidden the other parts, if I want to check a certain part, and I have to tap many times, the parts I have more I have to tap more,I have less then 100 in this design, I think it will be a tragedy If I have many many parts, So I think we should have show chosen parts only, show all ,hidden all options.

Issue 2, In this design,I have many same parts, as for I have three battery with 18650 type, but it seems that these parts are settled as 3 different parts, when I change one of them, the others didn’t change.So, I think 3 is ok, I can change one by one, but …

Issue 3, sometimes I want to export one of parts, now I have to copy the entire design in the workspace, and then open the new copy and delete the parts I do not need, and then export, I think the chosen parts should be exported individual

These are the most issues I have to face times and times during the work, but to compared with the continent the App provides, I do not think these are big problems.


Ian from China