Positioning HELP!

I have watched the demo where I have drawn a circle on a box trying to position that circle on the specified box “side”. However: I can not for the live of me replicate the help video myself. I click center on the circle and try to move it but it just starts a new point for a new drawing.

Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong?

Can you make a screenshot of the problem?

I just tried it and it works as expected. I created a box and drew a circle on the top side. Don’t try to click on the center of the circle, just put the Pencil on the screen and keep it there (at the point in the middle of the circle of course) and start moving the Pencil. You should be able to move it now. Hope that makes sense to you.

Just to clarify a bit further. Because I think you were trying to place it a specific distance from the edge. After you learn to move the circle the way that it was just mentioned, drag it over a line and slowly drag it the direction from that line that you want it. You will see the dimension for that pop-up once you have done this. After you get that dimension drag it over another line and you will get two dimensions, pretty cool!

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how can I get dimensions related to the main center point? x=0,y=0,z=o
at the moment, i have always to draw „Help“ lines for dimensions

Hi, currently you can’t. We have a solution that can help however.

We have introduced Selection info with the latest release, that will tell you the distance between two shapes ( minimal, maximal and central distance), the distances are expressed with the x,y,z coordinates.

This article should give you all you need to know about Selection info

Has this changed? I am trying to replicate the outline of a PCB to make an enclosure for it, and I need to place holes at specific locations. As such I would very much like to just be able to enter the coordinates of the center of the circle