Possible to create knurl texture?

I have a round object that I’m trying to knurl. In Autodesk it’s fairly straight forward with the pattern tool but not sure how to adapt it here as there’s no similar method. Any ideas?

No pattern tool as of now, but what you can do - it is quite the workaround - is to use the Move/Rotate/Scale tool, put the pivot point of the rotate at the center of the round object and do the knurling one-by-one with copy on.

Like in this video:

UI is a bit outdated, but the logic is the same.


Oy, I’d need to do over 100 rotations by hand, not worth the headache. I’ll just take it into autodesk. Hopefully a pattern tool is in the works!

You can do it very quickly by adding new items to the selection. Eg. do 4 manually, double them (8), double them (16), etc. and you are almost there :slight_smile:

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