How to knurl a knob

I’m sure this is obvious to those that know, but I can’t think how to draw this. I’m crating a knob for an old radio. Around the edge it is knurled, and I can’t work out how to do this. Clearly, you start out with a circle, but what then. I don’t want to individually draw every indentation manually.

If I’ve done this correctly, here is a picture of the original knob.

Thank you for any suggestions on how to do this.

This is the best way right now I think:

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I don’t follow the video, despite looking at it multiple times. Can someone write some words as to what is being done there?

Hi, as seen in the video, you can create one arc connected to the large circle(which will be used to extrude out parts to create the knurled edge)
Tap on the arc to select it
Tap on Transform and select the Move/Rotate option
Move the transform direction arrows to the centre of the circle
Tap on copy badge and the rotate the selected arc around the circle to make duplicate copies of the arc

Here’s a link to a short screen recording showing how make multiple duplicates at the same time:

I hope that this is somewhat helpful.

Thanks - I will try this out tonight. Your input is much appreciated.

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