Possible to return to older version?


ive been using the app for a many years now, but havent updated it in a long while. (like 1-1.5 years i think). Yesterday i updated to the current version kind of by accident.
I really like a lot of the new features. Patterns, exporting to 2d drawings, measuring mode, material, uneven scaling, etc.

BUT: Everything has become so terribly slow. Booleans. Extrusions. Chamfers. Making hidden objects visible. It has become exceedingly hard to get any real work done.

Is there a way to return to an older version?As much as i enjoy the new features they arent really necessary or mission critical for me. Being able to finish my models IS. (in case someone asks: im on a 2018 IPad pro. Dont see myself switching devices any time soon)

Thanks for the help.

Hi @DaMarkiM , it’s not possible to downgrade the app but you should definitely not experience any performance issues. Can you share those designs with support@shapr3d.com where you experience the performance issues?