Post apocalyptic silo mech

Started out as a doodle and ended up being a 80 hour + project. I have really enjoyed using Shapr3d. Currently i’m working on texturing in blender.


Impressive and a bit fearful! Thanks for sharing.



Thanks, it was a lot of fun to build.

This looks great. Well done. Now to 3D print it

Thanks. I have a printer, would be fun to print, maybe down the line somewhere. Currently working on texturing in blender. It’s been a really fun project.

Finished texturing in blender, took a lot of time but it was a lot of fun.



Wow!!! Great job!!! I started playing with Blender a while back … Powerful tool for sure … Not so easy to adapt to for me as far as rendering goes!!! :joy:

Thanks romulus! Yeah it’s a pretty in depth tool, but yeah also a bit frustrating at moments to learn. Also the model clocks in at 3.5 million vertices and my computer is a dinosaur so a lot of time spent waiting for my computer to catch up. But i’ve also had a lot of fun working on it.

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Yes on the 3.5 million vertices!!! I imported some very basic doodles from Shapr3D and Solidworks into Blender and the files had an inordinate amount of vertices!!! I’m still at the early stages of doodling some very basic shapes and such in Blender … 99.9% of my doodling is now on the iPad today!!! :sunglasses:

I hear ya, blender modeling is a bit complicated, modeling on shapr is super easy and fun. Would have taken me three times as long to model the same thing in blender.

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