Robo remake

remaking an old model on shapr

I made this model ages ago and thought it would be good to remake it in shapr as an exercise then re-texture it in substance, just for fun


already looking better


What did you use last time to model, will be an interesting comparison.
I find shaor3d great for CAD type work, interested to see how it compares for arty stuff.

i just modeled it in max. It’s a really old model it made it more than 10 years a go, it’s from a dead project

Incredible work :ok_hand:

That’s an excellent reproduction in Shapr.

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Shapr is so great. For machinery it is the king. The only thing that kills me is the super high resolution mesh output. I wish there was some more intelligent way to reduce the redundant curvature in smaller objects, on output. But I can do it in post processing of the parametric mesh in other packages like blendr, so it’s not a deal breaker

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Looking good.

this is about 3 days work, using the old way it would have taken me 2 weeks to get to this point in the modelling, let alone texturing. The new tools are pretty revolutionary, especially for a sole operator like me


Perfect job! :+1:
What did you use to make and render the texture?

It’s progressing nicely.
Same questions as previous poster, ie how are you doing textures and rendering?

I use substance painter to extract edge maps and to make the main diffuse, in this case, then put it together in Max, rendering in Vray



Amazing work. That’s great progress in such a short time.

Always impressed with folks who can get such organic shapes inside this program, I really struggle with that.