Preparing for 3D printing

So here’s a weird one.
Ive managed to export nicely for 3D printing, files import fine, but I’m printing large items that ill need to print in sections, then glue together.

With shap3r being so much easier than most, and also on my ipad, save my using my mac so much.

Is there a method where i can cult/slice my WHOLE design into pieces and re arrange them ready for print?

I cant really find a method but its probably in there somewhere!

The Subtract and Intersect tools will do the trick. Here is a small video of the process, if anything is unclear, just let me know

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I knew there would be something!
Thanks I’ll give it a go

Worked a treat,
I just created several cubes, the size of the print area, positioned them in convenient places, then counteracted each bit.