Printing Full Size 2D Drawings?

I love the 2D drawing feature, I can’t live without it now. I build a lot of architectural metal installations, and I often need to print out full-size templates on a large plotter to bring to the job site. For instance, a 10’ long steel railing with lots of design elements that I need to fabricate by hand based on the client’s design. Or a full-size layout drawing for site survey.

When I try to print something at a 1:1 scale, Shapr3D seems to limit the size to the largest standard sheet size of “ANSI E”, 35x44. I want to print something almost 10’ long, on a roll printer at Kinko’s. Print shops don’t know what to do with a DXF file, even though it has all the dimensions. A 1:1 PDF exported from Shapr3D cuts off the drawing at the ANSI E print size. I’m left with sending it to the printer scaled down, and having the print shop manually scale it back up, which leaves lots of room for human error. Is there a way to export a PDF at full scale without the sheet size limits?

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I vote for drawing custom sizes tab beside ISO and ANCI standards tab We shall be able to define drawing size in both units (mm, inch)

Create drawing option in ISO standards tab also also have A0 as max.

I like the custom size idea. That could solve a lot of problems. Also, a 36" roll printer is a very common size for architectural prints…