Printing my Shapr3D creations

Hey guys, i know this may be a stupid question well i refer you to my username.

Just got myself a 3D printer “Creality CR10” to learn and get started with.
Having some questions about rendering, if that has any impact on how the print comes out.
As rendering isnt an option in Shapr3d yet, Would you recommend using computer based CAD to render before slicing it?

Hi - rendering is a different output basically :slight_smile: You don’t need a rendered body to print, you can send your bodies in .stl format to you slicer straight away.

Sorry if I was being unclear. Will a rendered body come out a lot differently from one that hasn’t been? Adding smooth modifiers in maya for instance.

I have a CR10 mate you don’t need to render, just output the stl and load it straight into a slicer (Acura / Simplify3D)

That’s “cura” by the way fin autocorrect :rage: