Pro purchase?

I am “playing” with the free version and thinking about whether to sign up for the pro version. I am a sign maker and have a CNC machine. Currently I mainly use the CNC for 2D designs ( acrylic signs etc). Is there a natural application to use that would compliment this app on the windows platform. It is nice and useful to develop the designs on the ipad pro but it would be better if there was a complementing application for windows.
Also, I’m not sure if there is a difference for engineering or architectural application as I have use for both. I don’t want to get the pro version of the wrong one if there is a difference.
Any help on any of these matters would be great.

Hi Pete,

First of all, there is no difference in the application, we asked that question to send you relevant content and offer you a personalized onboarding.

As for the product that can complement Shapr3D on a desktop. What are the functions you need that you don’t find in Shapr3D? This would help me think about a good complementary solution

Thanks for the quick reply.
Having used shapr3d for a short time I do understand you asking why. The only reason really is screen size. I am used to having a couple of large screens to design on. It is very useful to be able to use the iPad but once back at base continuing on the desk top would be preferable.
As to the “what” question. It’s hard to answer as we would be using the output on our 3D printer. So pretty much anything from replacement plastic components to prototype stand alone display signage.

Hi Pete,

For 3D printing you can use any slicer to create gcode from your STL export.

As for working on it in 3D afterwards with a bigger screen size, I’d recommend Fusion 360 or Solidworks (or basically any CAD, as we are compatible with all of them through STEP, IGES, XT, DXF,DWG,OBJ,STL). This said, you can design all that in Shapr3D as well :slight_smile: