Problem separating object drawn on a face

How do I keep these separate? I drew a rectangle with connected points but when I pull the face it merges with the object I drew on.


If you want them to be separate, then you should create them separately, by creating the new box from another sketch.

That’s what I ended up doing, so there’s no way to create a separate object on the face of another one?

It is possible, as you did. But the push/pull operations won’t create new shapes. But if you explain a little bit what you are trying to do, we might can come up with a better solution.

I’m trying to model some wooden furniture and wanted to create a butt joint (2 pieces joined perpendicular to each other). In sketchup, the easiest way to do this would be to create the 2nd piece of wood on the one that’s already there then pull out the length. Then I would create it’s parallel piece as a copy of the one I just created.

Wouldn’t it be more logical that the push/pull operation would create a new shape then I could choose to merge the 2 shapes?

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Oh, I see. So you would like to copy and paste the pulled part?

You cant do that, but for such rectangular primitives you can simply sketch lines on the grid to easily position them, pull them out, then use the Union tool to merge them.

I made a little video:

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In Sketchup the objects would be merged also, unless you made the first object or set of objects a group. After making them a group whatever you do will be separate unless you have chosen to edit that group. I think this is something to consider making happen with Shapr3d when you implement groups.

We won’t unite objects automatically, for many use-cases that would be very annoying.

But with groups you will be able to select a group in every tool when you have to select one or more objects.

It does not unite them automatically. It works similarly to Shapr3d. When you sketch on a face and extrude from the face an object is simply added to. If you first make the object a group and then draw on it, you get two objects. What is annoying is not having that option. Sometimes being able to draw on a face seems pointless when it only modifies an object. It is much more efficient to be able to draw directly on the face but still have a seperate part. When you want to add to the object the user simply chooses to edit the group. It makes a lot of sense that when not editing the group all of the inferences, geometry and spatial references are available to you without affecting something already created. Then that new object is more useful and can be quickly utilized as a component where ten are created as an array around the first object. Components are another really powerful way to handle objects that you might consider on your road map. It is so satisfying to be able to make global changes of components especially in Solid works where everything is dynamically updated to accept the new component specifications.

BTW, the user can add anything to the group after the fact.

Oh, I see. Well, we probably going to change the semantics of sketching on faces in the upcoming releases, that will let you do something similar.

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