Problem with negative extrusions with text

When doing a negative extrusion with a capital E using the American typewriter font it claims that “the face or sketch filling can’t be extruded”

Please advise

This is through the app on an IPad Pro Gen 4

I am able to extrude cut the letter . You should Try refreshing the app.

Refreshed, tried multiple times. Are you sure you are using the same font and you are doing what I am trying to do?

Yes I am using the same font.

Extrude the letter and then subtract it form the body

Hi! The letter cannot be extruded because it has a loop in one of the splines. Please see the video below, this slight modification will let you extrude it.


I’m experiencing an issue with negative extrusions also.

When negatively extruding a circle into another round object, I am finding that multiple endpoints are created. I’m not sure what to do as they are only present in the technical drawing, not in the model.

I saw the thread, let me get back to it a bit later. It is different from this case.

Thanks mate you’re a legend!