Problem with no layers error

Attached is a link to my stl file and a pic, when I try to print I am getting no layer error in slicer program.


Which slicer? Also up in the top right, change to mm before exporting STL. Most slicers work in mm and the STL (and other files) apparently do not have headers that tell what units they were created and do not compensate. You will end up with a teeny tiny little object you will need to scale up, which does work, but after a that you learn to go back and change units. I try to work in mm now and use calipers, google etc to help me.

I am using slic3r I created the document in inches and exported in inches… I had no problem the other day…

Hmm, what printer?

Ender 6, though I just changed the drawing to mm, exported in mm and that seamed to work… The other day I exported in inches and printed a item it took12 hours…not sure why…

Not sure why :upside_down_face:

Thank you for your help…