Problems with Shell Tool

I created a model on which I want to use the Shell tool.
The problem is, that the tool always reports a error.
Using the function on my model should be straight forward but it isnt.
Can somebody give me a helping hand?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is another picture to show what I have in mind.
I had to make the shell manually but it turned out quite bad. The Shell tool would be a much cleaner way.

Hi, @callxyz referencing the first image you attached:
What part of the object do you want to shell?

I see that the surfaces within have different heights and Shell will work for the distance(hollow) between the very top of the surface to the tallest surface within.

You can try applying Shell by dragging the arrow slowly so that you can see the possible distance dimension for which Shell can work on the surface.

Hi Victor, thanks for your reply. I made another picture to make the situation more clear. The model in the first picture gets cut in half. The resulting Surface is supposed to be used for the Shell Tool.

I want to have the wall 2,5 mm thick but whatever number I try It doesn’t work. I can also not drag the arrow

What happens if you try it with a smaller thickness?

I had this issue, resolved when i zoomed in. Give it a try.

As Istvan said. If you have a small radius inside , will not work.
I have a same problem in the body was 0.3mm radius and I wanted 0,5 thicknes , was not work.
Only 0.3 was the max. I think it logical and geometrical problem.

I had to remove all details inside of the model, make the shell and then readd the details back.
The model looks like this now:

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